Yanira is an expert communicator. She understands how to navigate and leverage both digital and traditional media platforms to deploy the right message to the right audience every time

RUE MAPP CEO and Founder

Yanira’s fresh take on how to use marketing for social entrepreneurship allows me to expand my reach across the globe. Her keen eye has helped me take advantage of many opportunities.


Yanira and her team gave us just what we needed to make our business ideas concrete. The innovative style and creativity used to design our branding and marketing approach is unmatched. Yanira “gets us” and now we are ready to soar.


Yanira Castro and her team have truly been a godsend. I feel honored to work with an amazing woman-owned company that has been supportive of MPJI all the way. Her expertise and knowledge and care are out of this world. It is a tremendous asset to have her offerings throughout the day. The Humanity team pushes our ability to realize our dreams and desires to grow; their work is essential to any company or organization. We are extremely grateful to Humanity and recommend them everywhere we go.

ELLE MOXLEY Founder and Executive Director

Yanira, Tiffany and the Humanity Communications Collective team is our touchstone, tried and true partner, and creative inspiration for all our digital communications. They are values-aligned, super savvy and know how to "get in where they fit in" so we can meet short-term capacity needs while also building a longer-term communications strategy. I can't recommend them enough and am grateful for their partnership these last three years.

SARAH STANLEY HOPE VP Brand + Partnerships